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History of the Waldhäuslalm

From alpine grazing area to fish farm

The Waldhäusl belongs to the Abelhof in Rohrmoos, and continues to be run by our brother. In the springtime, the young cattle are drive up here from farther down in the valley. The meadow below the road has always been mown, however, due to the acidic soil, the quality of the hay was never the best.

In the mid-1980s, our father had the idea of turning those meadows into ponds. At first, he planned one big pond, but then, since he wanted to operate a trout farm, he eventually divided it in two with the aid of dam. Every second year, the small pond is stocked with young fish.

The Waldhäuslalm in the early days

From fish farm to country inn

Because all of the work on those ponds proved rather expensive, our parents considered whether or not to add a mountain hut, especially since lots of visitors come to our valley in summer. At first they were advised against it, but they eventually decided to take the risk.

In those days, they were also running the Abelhof in Rohrmoos, where they also frequently provided lodging for coach tours. And so they decided they wanted to be able to host at least one full bus load (about 60 people) of visitors here.

From the Opening until 2000

With the addition of sanitary facilities, a kitchen and storage rooms, the hut grew steadily bigger, until it finally opened for business on 8 August 1988.

Because there was plenty of space available next to the hut, our father began to build children's play equipment. Later, he built a race track and purchased electric boats.

Spring 1998 saw more additions, while the kitchen was expanded and new storage rooms were built.

In January 2000, we sisters were allowed to take over management of the Waldhäuslalm restaurant and the area below the road. Both of us have a professional education in restaurant management and had worked at the Waldhäuslalm from the very beginning. In 2002, we built our barn, which serves as a winter home for our animals, and is used in summer for play as well as children's parties.

From 2000 until Today

In the years which followed, we constructed a winter garden, which can be opened up completely in summer thanks to sliding walls, and can be heated in winter. The playground was expanded, while we also provided our animals with outdoor shelter.

Honoring the tradition begun by our parents, we are always striving to improve our offer and not rest on our laurels. All of this is only possible with the help of our whole family, of course, along with our employees and guests, all of whom have shown us so much loyalty.

Your hosts, the Hutegger and Zechmann families

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