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grilled garlic cheese bread

Steirerkasbrot homemade farmers bread with styrian cheese

mit Zwiebeln

homemade bread|bacon|ham|cheese|horseradish I mixed vegetables

Steirischer Salat
mixed salad|pumpkinseed-oil|roasted bacon|

Salatteller mixed salad

homemade clear beef soup

Frittatensuppe sliced pancakes soup

Nudelsuppe noodles soup

Kaspreßknödelsuppe cheese dumpling soup

Suppentopf soup pot with noodles, mixed vegetables, and cooked beef

Frisch aus unserem Teich

Hausgeräuchertes Filet vom Seesaibling

homemade smoked filet of char|toast|horseradish|whipped cream|cranberry

Waldhäusl Seesaibling

fried char from our lake|garlic-herb-butter|potatoes

grilled filet of char/pumpkin curry/rice

Gemüse Fischeintopf
fish pot with potato-fish pralines


Untertaler Gemüsebowl mit Sesam Zirbendressing 

  • vegetable Bowle - vegan
    or with smoked filet of char 

Gebackene Spinatknödel 

spinach-dumplings, homemade|cheese sauce|mixed salad

Kasnockerl “cheese spaetzle”
cheese noodles with green salad
please choose between gouda-cheese

and styrian-cheese (very special, intensive, grey cheese from the region)

Gegrillte Lammstücke 

grilled pieces of lamb with green beans and potatoes

zartes Hirschragout venison ragout with potato croquettes and cranberry jam

Almburger beef petty from Tauerngenuss/Schladming
salad|cheese|cucumber|bacon|tomatoes and fries


grilled cutlet of pork|bacon|onions|potatoes served in a pan

Wiener Schnitzel pork escalope with potatoes “Vienna style”

Chicken Filets „Vienna style“ with cranberry sauce
with potatoes or  with salad

kids menu


Portion Pommes frensh fries

Kinder - Wienerschnitzel
small pork escalope “Vienna style” with frensh fries

fish fingers with potatoes and salad

chicken nuggets with frensh fries

 grilled sausage with frensh fries

noodles „spätzle” with cheese sauce 
and grilled chicken stripes 

Süße Belohnung

Kaiserschmarrn Apfelmus oder Preiselbeer

flaumige Wafferlherzen
mit frischen Früchten, Eis und Schlagobers

Gebackene  Apfelknödel

baked apple dumplings with vanilla ice-cream and whipped cream

Marillen – Palatschinken two pieces apricot pancakes

2 erlei hausgemachte Strudel 

small pieces of strudels (curd & blueberry)
with ice- cream and whipped cream

Espresso with vanilla ice cream

Honey-Lemon-Parfait with snowy tea

Wir servieren regionale, hausgemachte Spezialitäten 
aus der Region Schladming-Dachstein. 

Culinary Impressions

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